Maine bill would extend car inspections to two years; no truck changes

| 1/30/2008

Many motorists in Maine would be able to wait twice as long between vehicle inspections if a state lawmaker gets his way.

Rep. Bryan Kaenrath, D-South Portland, has offered legislation that would extend the time period between mandatory state motor vehicle inspections from one year to two years. Commercial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers would remain on the yearly inspection schedule.

Maine is one of 30 states that require regular safety inspections for motor vehicles. The inspections in the Pine Tree State are used to check the condition of running gears, steering mechanisms, brakes, exhaust systems, lights, safety glass and tires.

Opponents say they are concerned about the impact on safety that changing scheduled inspections would cause. Supporters say that although there is a need for vehicle inspections, requiring annual inspections “might be overkill.”

The inspections generate more than $3 million a year for transportation work in the state, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Kaenrath’s bill – LD2112 – doesn’t include a provision to replace the lost revenue. It is in the Legislature’s Transportation Committee.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor