BBC News crew rides along with OOIDA member DuWayne Marshall

| 1/30/2008

Back in the 1960s, American artist Andy Warhol predicted everyone would be world-famous for 15 minutes.

That’s true and then some for OOIDA member and produce hauler DuWayne Marshall of Watertown, WI, who recently spent three days driving a BBC News crew across the U.S.

“The whole experience was amazing,” Marshall told Land Line on Tuesday, Jan. 29. “They wanted to get a real perspective of the American economy ‘on the ground’ and I was happy to be their vehicle to do it.”

BBC News Correspondent Matthew Price interviewed Marshall about how the slumping American economy is affecting his trucking business.

“Mine is good. Six months ago if you’d have asked me, I would have said it was great. I’m down to being good,” Marshall told BBC’s Price. “The store I supply – their sales are down a little bit, so their monthly order is down a little bit, so my revenues are down a little bit. But nothing drastic.”

Price also stopped to interview several Americans at truck stops, diners and grocery stores on the trip out West. Many said they are worried that hard times are ahead.

In Greenwood, NE, Price had breakfast with Marshall and OOIDA members Jim Kienbaum of Whitewater, WI; Wendall Foss of Menasha, WI; and Bob Papke of Kirkland, IL.

“I thought this was a great opportunity for Matthew Price to talk to real truckers about real issues truckers are facing,” Marshall said.

Click here to watch the BBC’s online account, titled “A trucker’s view of the U.S. economy,” which outlines Marshall’s trek with the BBC News crew across six states.

Marshall said a 21-minute television segment on the BBC News is also planned. The air date for that piece has not been announced yet.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer