Kentucky to open two new Rest Havens with 100 truck parking spots

| 1/29/2008

There’s some good news for truckers traveling through Kentucky who need a safe place to park their rigs for their 10-hour rest period.

About 100 new truck parking spaces will be available at the two new Rest Havens, which are exclusively for commercial trucks, in Kentucky. Both locations will officially open at midnight on Friday, Feb. 1.

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Public Information Officer Bobby Clue said overnight parking is available, and encouraged, at both Rest Havens.

“We want to encourage truckers to rest as long as they need to comply with their hours of service and get the rest they need,” Clue said.

One of the new Rest Havens will be in Kenton County, on Interstate 75 southbound at Mile Marker 168.6. The second Rest Haven will be in Boone County, on I-71 southbound at Mile Marker 75.4.

Both Rest Havens will have restrooms, vending machines and pay phones, according to Clue.

Clue said the additional truck parking spaces will be a safer alternative for truckers than having to park on ramps and shoulders.

“We think these Rest Havens will be of huge benefit to truckers,” he said.

Clue said it is illegal to park on ramps and shoulders in the state of Kentucky, but that state officials recognize some truckers don’t have a choice sometimes when truck stops are full and they have no where to go. He also said Kentucky’s rest areas have a four-hour maximum on truck parking.

“We look at everything on a case-by-case basis and try to take everything in consideration,” he said. “We know this is a vicious cycle for truckers, so we try to work with them.”

Currently, Clue said there are no spots designated at the Rest Havens for truckers hauling hazmat loads.

With the addition of the two Rest Havens, Kentucky will now have around the state a total of nine locations, open in conjunction with weigh facilities, for truckers to use.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer