Classic car crushed by truck with Werner Enterprises trainee, trainer

| 1/18/2008

Pat Boyle – an employee at The Home Depot – parked his car along the outer edge of the store’s parking lot before every shift to prevent door dings and other scars from marring his restored 1968 Plymouth Valiant.

His tactic worked until Thursday, Jan. 10.

On that day, according to police in Slidell, LA, Werner trainee Vera Shed drove a 2006 Peterbilt truck through the Slidell Home Depot parking lot. Shed attempted to make a U-turn at the back of the parking lot and head to the back of the building. That’s when she ran over and pulled the sedan four feet, leaving the car’s passenger wheels suspended in the air.

“She proceeded to make her turn, didn’t see the vehicle in that parking spot and ran right over it,” Slidell Capt. Kevin Foltz told Land Line.

No one was injured in the wreck.

Shed, 52, was being supervised by Werner driving instructor Jesus Alfaro, 25, and neither saw the parked car in Shed’s way.

Foltz said he was surprised to learn that a 25-year-old was considered by Werner as the more experienced driver of the pair.

“I guess you can be an experienced driver at 25 years old,” Foltz told Land Line. “I don’t know how experienced.”

Foltz said the collision’s location on private property prevented police from issuing any citations, although “that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be liable for damages,” he said.

The intersection of Interstate 10 with I-12 and I-59 make Slidell a hub of truck traffic in the Bayou region, said Foltz.

Boyle normally leaves by 5 p.m., he told the Times-Picayune newspaper, but he’d been delayed at work that day.

“Just the fact that it’s a classic makes this horrible,” Boyle told the Times-Picayune.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer