Virginia bills focus on truck rules, enforcement

| 1/10/2008

The regular legislative session opened this week in Virginia with several bills of interest to truck drivers likely to draw consideration during the next several weeks.

One bill would authorize enforcement of vehicle weight laws by full-time sworn members of the enforcement division of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Sponsored by Rep. William Fralin, R-Roanoke, the bill – HB148 – is in the House Transportation Committee.

Another bill in the transportation panel would ease rules for how far coal trucks are permitted to travel on Virginia roadways. Sponsored by Rep. Terry Kilgore, R-Gate City, the bill – HB144 – would eliminate the 85-mile distance limit for coal truck permits.

A separate measure targets large trucks found to be driving at least 10 mph in excess of posted speed limits. Sponsored by Rep. Mark Cole, R-Fredericksburg, the bill – HB108 – would reduce from 20 mph to 10 mph the amount by which drivers of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding 26,000 pounds must exceed the speed limit to be guilty of reckless driving. It is awaiting assignment to committee.

One other bill in the House Transportation Committee would amend the maximum allowable weights of vehicle combinations. Sponsored by Rep. Edward Scott, R-Culpeper, the legislation – HB110 – would treat straight trucks the same as pickups when determining the maximum allowable weight of vehicle combinations.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor