Trade group calls for relief for logging truckers

| 12/10/2007

The trade group that represents the lumber industry in Michigan is calling for emergency measures to help logging truckers cope with high fuel costs. The Michigan Forest Products Council wants the governor to declare a state of emergency so the state can seek help from the federal government.

The council is also recommending that the state consider using a tax credit to refund state fuel tax money to truckers.

Council Executive Director Kevin Korpi said on Monday, Dec. 10, that some logging truckers have simply shut down their rigs.

“With this escalation, particularly in the diesel fuel prices exceeding $3.70 a gallon in the region, we have seen truckers park their rigs,” Korpi told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio Channel 171. “Enough I think to … lead to some disruptions in supply chains and alternative arrangements for saw millers and manufacturers of different products.”

The governor of Maine recently declared a “civil emergency” in hopes of helping logging truckers in that state.