Slight reprieve, but diesel prices still soar

| 12/3/2007

The national average diesel price may have come down 2.8 cents per gallon to $3.416 for the week ending Monday, Dec. 3, 2007, but truckers continue to feel the pinch.

In the New England region, where the average price for ultra-low sulfur diesel increased a half-cent for the week from $3.590 to $3.595 per gallon, Maine Gov. John Baldacci signed a declaration designed to help logging truckers. Click here to read the story.

Ultra-low sulfur diesel on a national scale was down 2.3 cents per gallon from $3.456 to $3.433, while remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies were down 5.2 cents from $3.382 to $3.330 per gallon, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported.

ULSD in California was $3.567, down 5.3 cents from $3.620 cents while in the West Coast region, ULSD was down 4.8 cents from $3.591 to $3.543 per gallon.

The Rocky Mountain region averaged $3.492 for ULSD, a decrease of 3.8 cents.

ULSD in the Gulf Coast region was $3.347 per gallon, down 1.5 cents from $3.362.

Regional prices in the Midwest averaged $3.413 for ULSD, down 3.1 cents per gallon.

Decreases were smaller in the East Coast region where ULSD averaged $3.463, down four-tenths of a cent from $3.467.

The Central Atlantic region averaged $3.570 per gallon for ULSD, down three-tenths of a cent, while the Lower Atlantic region averaged $3.392 per gallon, also down three-tenths of a cent from the previous week.