Truckers to meet Saturday in Michigan, Maine about diesel prices

| 11/30/2007

A group of logging truckers in Michigan plan to meet in Mass City on Saturday, Dec. 1, to discuss what, if anything, can be done about diesel prices, which are averaging $3.56 per gallon in their state.

One of the main organizers is Martin DeHaan, who runs five logging trucks.

“Right now if we’re running our trucks legal, our fuel costs are taking 50 percent of the revenue from a load. Anyone that’s involved in the trucking industry knows where that’s going to leave you,” DeHaan told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio.

“Most of the weak have fallen in this area already, and all of the strong are starting to fall. We’re all starting to realize that if we don’t get together, you know – we can hang separately or we can hang together – it’s to the point of no return for a lot of us.”

The meeting that DeHaan has organized is set to start at high noon at the City Hall in Mass City, which is southwest of Houghton.

Meanwhile, in Maine, another group of truckers plan to meet in Damariscotta on Saturday for the same reason.

Organizer Larry Sidelinger says diesel prices that are averaging $3.63 a gallon in the state are “crippling business in Maine.” At $3.63, a 200-gallon fill-up costs $726.

This will be the second meeting of Maine truckers on the high cost of fuel. It’s scheduled to start at 9 a.m. Saturday morning at the American Legion hall in Damariscotta.