Feds follow tire tracks, find 1,400 pounds of pot smuggled from Mexico

| 11/27/2007

Two brothers from Mexico were arrested after federal agents noticed that a tractor trailer had illegally entered the United States “in an area popular with smugglers,” according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

Enrique Calderon-Ballesteros and Pedro Calderon-Ballesteros, both Mexican citizens, were arrested on Tuesday, Nov. 20, after they tried to flee by truck and later by foot on Arizona Highway 191.

The investigation started after ICE officials heard that a vehicle had illegally entered the U.S. about nine miles east of Douglas, AZ. The area is “popular with drug smugglers” according to information from customs officials.

An ICE agent and a U.S. Fish and Wildlife officer arrived and found tire tracks leading to Geronimo Trail Road that had been partially brushed away “in an attempt to hide them,” an ICE news release stated.

The ICE agent later found a similar set of tire tracks leading to a local storage yard, and smelled the odor of fresh marijuana coming from a white trailer in the yard.

On Nov. 20, ICE agents watched the men moving marijuana from the white trailer into a different tractor-trailer.

The marijuana was packaged into 79 pieces worth a total estimated street value of $739,000.