Truck parking issue tabled in Dundee, FL, until January

| 11/19/2007

The lack of truck parking on public and private property has long been, a hot button issue around the country as many cities and counties continue to restrict where truckers can and cannot park, even on their own private property.

The issue on whether tractor-trailers can park on both public and private property recently was brought up in Dundee, FL, after a trucker was asked to move his rig which was parked on residential property.

The Dundee City Council has been debating the parking question since the trucker brought up the issue to a City Council member in October. A decision on truck parking has been tabled until after the New Year, following another City Council meeting on truck parking on Nov. 13.

Until the issue is resolved, no truckers will receive tickets for parking on their private property, however, truckers will be ticketed for parking on the shoulders of the roads in Dundee.

A proposed solution is to pour a concrete apron to protect the town’s right of way, which would allow truckers to park on private property in designated areas of the city.

According to The Ledger, Dundee Mayor Linda Riner-Mizell said the truck parking issue is about protecting the town’s infrastructure, including roads and utility lines, as well as emphasizing the importance of property owners’ rights.

Dundee has approximately 3,400 residents located along the U.S. Highway 27 corridor.

Florida ranks 26th among the 49 states who participated in the Federal Highway Administration’s study on commercial and public truck parking spaces in 2002. Alaska did not participate in the study.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer