Land Line media blog: from Veterans Day to Lucas Land

| 11/16/2007

Did you know that about 40 percent of OOIDA’s members are veterans? That’s according to a survey done by the OOIDA Foundation. Thinking about Veterans Day prompted Managing Editor Sandi Soendker to air her fears in a Monday, Nov. 12, blog that younger generations may be losing the true spirit of this holiday.

Staff Writer Charlie Morasch was perusing government Web sites on his regular news beat when he found a couple of stories that certainly are embarrassing to our government. Here’s a clue: they were about how the feds profit from cheap labor while looking the other way. In his Tuesday blog entry, Morasch gives those stories a bit more ink than Uncle Sam might enjoy.

Staff Writer Clarissa Kell-Holland was tipped off early this week that many in the trucking industry were buzzing about a 13-year-old boy’s wish to set the world record for receiving the most get-well cards. At first, it seemed to be another “urban legend” but Clarissa’s intuition pushed her into action. With some digging, she discovered the details on Josh Adkins, Stanford, KY. In her blog entry for Thursday, she provides the surprising but sad facts.

As Land Line Magazine managing editor, Soendker has known OOIDA member Forrest Lucas for at least 15 years. Lucas started out as a trucker, then went into the fuel additive business. How he became a self-made millionaire is quite a story. And that story – written by Staff Writer Clarissa Kell-Holland with photos by Natasha Smith – will be featured in the upcoming issue of Land Line, which is now on the press. In her blog entry on Friday, Soendker gives readers a preview of Kell-Holland and Smith’s trip into Lucas Land.

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– By Land Line staff