Changes to road funding distribution sought in North Carolina

| 11/12/2007

Two leading Republican legislators in North Carolina want to see the distribution formula changed for roads in the state.

House Republican leader Paul Stam of Apex and Senate Republican leader Phil Berger of Eden told a special committee studying transportation needs that the current formula doesn’t account for congestion in the state’s largest cities.

Population accounts for half of the formula, which has been in place since 1989. The number of highway miles still set to be widened from two to four lanes and the division of the state into seven geographic regions make up the other half of the formula, the Charlotte Observer reported.

The GOP lawmakers also want to end the annual practice of routing $172 million from roads to the general state budget.

The ideas offered by Stam and Berger are among those expected to get attention from the 21st Century Transportation Committee later this month. The committee is a special state panel studying road and transit needs.

Among the options likely to be priorities for the committee is ending the annual $172 million transfer, repairing bridges and subsidizing proposed toll roads, the Observer reported. The panel is expected to make initial recommendations to the General Assembly on the state transportation budget by May.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor