Police give prosecutor file in parking lot truck fatality

| 11/12/2007

In Vermont, the State Police have handed their file on the Delbert Degree case over to a prosecutor who will decide if charges should be filed.

Degree is the trucker involved in the death a woman who was standing in front of his stopped truck in a parking lot. She was reportedly trying to keep Degree from moving while her adult daughter looked for a police officer. Degree began to drive off and the truck allegedly struck the victim.

According to media reports, the incident followed a reported exchange of angry words after what the daughter claims was a near accident. The two women followed the trucker for more than 20 miles and into a scale parking lot where he normally drops his trailer before heading to the house.

WCAX-TV quoted a police source as saying Degree told them he assumed the woman had gotten back in her car and that he didn’t see her as he drove off.