Investigation still under way in Vermont road rage incident

| 11/2/2007

Police in Vermont say it could be as much as a week before they have any answers in a tragic road rage incident that left one woman dead and a truck driver under suspicion.

The incident began Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 31, when 45-year-old Laurie Bragdon followed a truck she believed had inappropriately run through an intersection. She followed the truck for 21 miles to a parking lot at the Fairbanks Scales in St. Johnsbury. The trucker’s boss told local media that the driver routinely drops his trailer at the parking lot before driving his tractor home.

When the trucker pulled into the scale parking lot, Bragdon reportedly got out of her vehicle and confronted him.

According to media reports, Bragdon’s adult daughter went to get police, and the trucker got back into his cab. It’s reported that the woman allegedly woman stood in front of the truck to prevent him from leaving, and the truck rolled forward and crushed her.

The Associated Press reported that the driver, Delbert Degree, told his boss at Karl Johnson Inc. that he didn’t see the woman because she was in his blind spot.

No charges have been filed against Degree and police say they are poring over all of the evidence – including testimony from eyewitnesses – before they reach any conclusions.

At press time, it’s not clear where the woman was standing. Police are not releasing any information about the investigation at this time, The AP reported.