Woman killed in apparent road rage incident

| 11/1/2007

The state police in Vermont are working an unusual case in which a trucker allegedly ran over and killed a woman who was trying to block his tractor-trailer by standing in front of it at a weigh station.

According to the Boston Globe, it happened Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 31, at St. Johnsbury, MA, in the northeastern part of the state. The incident apparently grew out of a case of road rage.

According to police, trucker Delbert Degree had been on U.S. Route 2 when a car occupied by a mother and her adult daughter slowed down for another vehicle that was turning.

According to the daughter, Degree’s truck nearly hit their car as it passed.

The women then followed the truck for 21 miles to the weigh station where Degree pulled off.

The daughter said her mother pulled off, too. The daughter said she went to get a police officer while her mother stood in front of the tractor-trailer to keep it from leaving.

Police say the truck then ran over the mother.

However, no charges had been filed as off late Wednesday, and it was unclear whether Degree could see the woman in front of his truck when he started to pull away.