OOIDA member rescues Tennessee trucker

| 10/30/2007

A 43-year-old trucker from Tennessee is probably alive today thanks to the quick thinking and courage of an OOIDA member.

William Engram, 43, was northbound on the Kansas Turnpike near the Mulvane Exit Thursday night, Oct. 25, when he rear-ended another tractor-trailer that had just had a blow-out and was braking hard.

Engram was pinned in his cab and his tractor was beginning to catch fire. That’s when OOIDA member Doug Hardin of Pawnee, OK, pulled over and ran to Engram’s assistance.

“He was a big man, so the steering wheel kind of had him pinned in. I put my foot on the steering wheel and my hand on the bottom of it and just bent the steering wheel back to the dash,” Hardin told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio.

“I grabbed his right arm and just turned him sideways and then put him on my shoulders, and stepped down from the step, walked over to the shoulder of the highway … and by the time I had set him on the ground, the truck was totally engulfed.”

Engram was taken to a nearby hospital. The driver of the other truck that was rear-ended was belted in and wasn’t hurt.

In spite of his heroic efforts, Hardin said he never wants to see anything like that again.

– By Reed Black, staff writer