Virginia group seeks to stop I-73 construction

| 10/23/2007

A group of Virginia residents have filed a lawsuit in federal court in hopes of stopping construction of the planned Interstate 73.

The interstate could eventually run all the way from the South Carolina seacoast to near Detroit, MI.

The 70-mile-long portion in Virginia would stretch from Roanoke to the North Carolina border.

Ann Rogers lives near Roanoke and is a member of Virginians for Appropriate Roads, the group that filed the lawsuit. She told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that the state needs to improve existing highways instead of bulldozing pristine farmland and further threatening endangered species of fish.

It’s estimated the Virginia portion of the proposed I-73 would cost about $4 billion to build, and would take 10 years to finish.

The project is presently in the design stage.

– By Reed Black, staff writer