Average price of diesel increase 5.5 cents to $3.09

| 10/22/2007

On-highway diesel prices averaged $3.338 per gallon in California and $3.094 nationwide for the week ending Monday, Oct. 22, 2007.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported an increase of 8.9 cents per gallon in California, where the average increased from $3.249 to $3.338.

The nationwide increase was 5.5 cents, putting the average price 57 cents higher than one year ago.

By category, remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies increased 4.7 cents in price to average $3.023 per gallon, while ultra-low sulfur diesel increased 5.7 cents from $3.053 to $3.110 nationwide. The EIA reports ULSD prices by region.

The California region and the West Coast region were big stories for the third consecutive week with significant increases.

The West Coast region averaged $3.334 for ULSD after an increase of 9.4 cents per gallon.

The Rocky Mountain region saw the average price increase 6.2 cents from $3.174 to $3.236 per gallon.

ULSD in the Gulf Coast region rose 5.8 cents from $2.944 to $3.002 – still the cheapest region by net per-gallon price in the U.S.

The Midwest region averaged $3.085 per gallon, up 4.1 cents from $3.044.

ULSD in the East Coast region cost 5.7 cents more than the previous week, moving from $3.039 to $3.096 per gallon.

In the Central Atlantic region ULSD averaged $3.192 after an increase of 6.9 cents, while the New England region saw average prices increase 6 cents from $3.122 to $3.182.

ULSD in the Lower Atlantic region increased 5 cents from $2.981 to $3.031 per gallon.

Crude oil prices on Monday had come down about $3 per barrel to $87 after topping $90 per barrel late last week.