California trucker fights the state over loose cows

| 10/19/2007

When truck driver Dave Siebert’s rig struck four cows that had wandered onto a road he was traveling in Tracy, CA, last summer, he thought he was lucky to have walked away with just a kink in his back.

But his troubles were far from over. The cows had wandered away from the nearby Deuel Vocational Institution’s inmate-run diary farm after knocking over a rotted wood fence.

Now, the state is saying that Siebert is responsible for the accident and is refusing to pay for repairs to his truck.

The Stockton Record reports that Siebert’s company, Yandell Truckaway, wrote to the state following the incident to ask for reimbursement.

The total bill for Siebert’s repairs is more than $16,000.

The state attorney fired off a letter blaming Siebert for the incident because he spotted the cows 10 feet away and didn’t stop. The letter also alleged Siebert was speeding because he told a California Highway Patrol officer he was driving 58 mph in a 55-mph zone.

A company spokesman told the Record the company is hopeful the state will resolve the case without having to go to court.