California trucker challenges scale – and wins

| 10/19/2007

California truck driver Sammy Fernandez fought the law. Only this time, the law didn’t win.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Fernandez was stopped for an inspection in Tucson, AZ, and was given a ticket because his truck was overweight. He was also over on hours and had to stay at the inspection facility for some time.

Suspecting that something wasn’t right, Fernandez weighed his truck again when he had the chance. It came up 10,000 pounds lighter than when officials had weighed it before.

The next day, the vehicle was inspected again, with the same load, and wasn’t overweight. This time, Fernandez protested.

Amazingly, the Tucson Police Department backed down and had the ticket dismissed. The scale was put out of service until it could be recalibrated.

There were more than 400 other trucks inspected and weighed during the time Fernandez spent at the inspection facility, but police told the Daily Star he was the only one who challenged the weight.