Local officials reconsider location of Kansas City’s Mexican customs office

| 10/18/2007

Even though talk of it has died down, the idea of building a Mexican customs office in Kansas City, MO, is still very much alive.

According to The Kansas City Star, a city council committee approved new lease terms on Wednesday, Oct. 17, for Kansas City SmartPort, the group behind the push for the facility.

The original 100-year lease called for the customs facility to be located in Kansas City’s West Bottoms industrial district.

Concerns about local traffic and heavy-duty truck traffic in the area, as well as a conflicting lease of the same site to the American Royal, a livestock and horse show association, have prompted the motion to move the proposed facility elsewhere in the city. The Royal hosts dozens of horse shows, livestock shows, rodeos and cutting horse events each year, along with concerts and specialty events requiring large areas of parking to be available. The district is also home to a sports arena.

But SmartPort isn’t out of the lease just yet. The measure has to go before the full city council sometime next week.