Victims identified; speed limit reconsidered after I-5 crash

| 10/18/2007

Two of the victims in the deadly crash along Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita, CA, last weekend have finally been identified.

The Visalia Times-Delta reports that a father and son – Hugo and Isaiah Rodriguez of Tulare, CA – were killed in the crash.

Hugo, a 38-year-old truck driver, owned and operated his own trucking company. He drove only on weekends, though, so his regular drivers could have time off. His son, Isaiah, was six years old and often rode with his father on weekends.

The third victim was tentatively identified earlier in the week as truck driver Ricardo Cibrian, but authorities are still awaiting dental records to make a positive ID.

Meanwhile, Caltrans is reconsidering the speed limit near the tunnel where the fiery wreck engulfed 31 vehicles.

The speed limit was changed several years ago from 45 mph to 55 mph. The Los Angeles Times reported that authorities are trying to determine whether that decision was appropriate.