Interstate 5 wreck may not have started in tunnel

| 10/17/2007

Since initial reports from the scene last week, authorities have believed that the deadly crash on Interstate 5 in California started inside the truck route tunnel.

Now, however, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that it may have started outside the tunnel.

The Times reported that sources close to the investigation said a truck emerging from the tunnel may have lost control and skidded into a guard rail about a third of a mile south of the tunnel.

The disabled truck caught fire, which caused other drivers to slow down. It wasn’t until several minutes later that the pileup in the tunnel began.

The California Highway Patrol has refused to comment on the investigation, and the Times isn’t saying where it got its information.

Meanwhile, investigators are still trying to confirm the identities of three people – two men and a six-year-old boy – who were killed in the wreck. Though one man was tentatively identified by family members Tuesday, Oct. 16, authorities are still awaiting dental records to make a positive ID.

The California Highway Patrol told the Times its investigators have now spoken with most, if not all, of the drivers involved in the crash, but it has yet to match some of those drivers to the rigs that were badly burned in the tunnel.