One victim tentatively identified, drivers still missing in I-5 wreck

| 10/16/2007

At least one of the drivers killed in the fiery wreck in a southbound truck tunnel under the Golden State Freeway in Santa Clarita, CA, last weekend may have been identified.

According to the Los Angeles Times, truck driver Ricardo Cibrian is likely one of the three people killed in the wreck. The others – another truck driver and his six-year-old male passenger – have not yet been identified.

The Times reports that Cibrian’s family said he called a friend from his cell phone to tell him he was trapped in the tunnel during the wreck. The friend then heard an explosion, and the line went dead.

Authorities said they are also still looking for more than nine missing people who apparently fled the tunnel after the crash.

Thirty trucks and one passenger vehicle were involved in the wreck. Ten people were treated for mild injuries, and 10 others escaped the tunnel unharmed.

Police said the final count left nine vehicles with drivers and possibly passengers unaccounted for. Not all of the vehicles and drivers involved in the wreck have been identified.

The investigation was still ongoing Tuesday, Oct. 16, and the I-5 tunnel remains closed indefinitely. CalTrans authorities said it will be some time before the full extent of damage to the tunnel can be determined.