Diesel prices spike in West

| 10/15/2007

Diesel prices continued to spike in western states as the winter diesel season began.

In California, a gallon of ultra-low sulfur diesel averaged $3.249 following an increase of 5.2 cents.

The West Coast region had a 6.2-cent increase from $3.178 per gallon to $3.240 for ULSD.

The ultra-low fuel in the Rocky Mountain region averaged $3.174 per gallon following an increase of 2.9 cents.

But that was the extent of dramatic increases across the country, according to the Energy Information Administration in its weekly on-highway diesel report.

ULSD and remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies averaged $3.039 per gallon, up four-tenths of a penny. Low-sulfur on its own was $2.976 per gallon, a decrease of nine-tenths of a cent, while ULSD on its own averaged $3.053 following an increase of seven-tenths of a cent.

The East Coast, Midwest and Gulf Coast regions showed slight decreases in price for ULSD.

Specifically, the East Coast region had an average price of $3.039, six-tenths of a cent less than the previous week’s average of $3.045 per gallon.

The Central Atlantic region averaged $3.123 for ULSD, down 1.1 cents.

In the Lower Atlantic region, ULSD averaged $2.981, which was 0.4 cents lower than the previous week.

The New England region saw little change – one-tenth of a cent – as the ULSD average dropped to $3.122 per gallon.

ULSD dropped similarly by one-tenth of a cent in the Midwest region to $3.045.

The Gulf Coast region had the cheapest regional average according to the EIA – $2.944 per gallon for ULSD – down four-tenths of a cent from $2.948 per gallon.