TWIC program rolls out Tuesday at Delaware port

| 10/15/2007

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential program, or TWIC, is finally getting under way on Tuesday, Oct. 16, with the first cards set to be issued at the Port of Wilmington in Delaware.

According to a press release from the Transportation Security Administration, as many as 5,000 workers are expected to enroll at the port.

The program, which was first proposed following the 2001 terrorist attacks, has been plagued with setbacks and criticism for several years.

And even though the cards are scheduled to be issued at a dozen ports by the end of the year, it could still be another year or more before machines are in place to read them.

Until the readers can be perfected, TSA officials said the cards will be checked visually and with handheld readers during random checks.

In early November, enrollment will begin at the port of Corpus Christi, in Texas. That will be followed in mid-November by ports in Baton Rouge, LA; Beaumont, TX; Oakland, CA; Tacoma, WA; and Honolulu.

By late November, enrollment is expected to begin at ports in Chicago; Houston; Port Arthur, TX; Providence, RI; and Savannah, GA.

For more information, you can check out the TSA’s TWIC Web site here.