Tow truck driver gets surprise from unexpected passenger

| 10/12/2007

A tow truck driver in Houston was in for a surprise Wednesday, Oct. 10, after he towed an illegally parked SUV from a private lot across from a school.

Once he got to the tow lot, Stacy Holland looked through the tinted back window and saw a two-year-old boy in the back, according to media reports.

Coworkers offered the bewildered child some candy, but Holland waved them off, realizing most children are taught not to accept candy from strangers. They gave the boy some water instead.

Eventually, the infant’s frantic aunt showed up, explaining she’d left the boy asleep in the back while she went into the school to pick up another child.

Police – who figured the little boy had been left alone in the car for at least half an hour – hauled the 43-year-old woman off to jail.