‘Rusty Nail’ loses battle with cancer

| 10/12/2007

David “Rusty Nail” Broyles, died early Thursday morning, Oct. 11, after a fierce battle with cancer. He was 44.

David, an OOIDA member from Dyersburg, TN, described himself as a “loner” for most of his trucking career. In the last few years, however, he was blessed with many close friendships. He was especially touched by the way the trucking brotherhood came together during the 2007 Mid-America Trucking Show when a group of OOIDA members and others organized an auction to raise money to help him with medical expenses. Land Line reported on the event and featured an exclusive interview with David in the May 2007 issue.

Several of David’s friends – including Dave Smith, Donna Baggett, Chris Thom, Rusty and Mary Wade, Miles and Geri Verhoef, Robin Moran and brother Rick, Susan Jones and trucking radio host Bubba Bo – solicited donations from truckers and trucking vendors during the 2007 truck show in Louisville, KY. The group then staged an auction in the parking lot at the show using Donna’s karaoke machine.

Eventually, the group mailed $15,000 to David to offset mounting medical bills and expenses after his doctor sidelined him from driving truck.

Shortly before David encountered heavy treatment in the spring, he asked Land Line to include a single statement from himself and girlfriend Pat.

“To the truck drivers, I don’t know all of them but I’d just like to say thank you,” David said. “Thanks a million prayers over.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer