Diesel prices average $3.03 nationwide; higher in the West

| 10/9/2007

The national average price for on-highway diesel was $3.035 for the week ending Monday, Oct. 8.

Prices in the West Coast region jumped 7.8 cents from $3.10 to a staggering $3.178 per gallon for ultra-low sulfur diesel, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported.

Because of the Columbus Day holiday, the EIA posted the weekly average on Tuesday instead of Monday this week.

The national average price was down 1.3 cents from the previous week of $3.048 per gallon, but was 52.9 cents above the early October average in 2006.

ULSD averaged $3.046 per gallon nationwide, down nine-tenths of a cent. Remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies fell 3.2 cents from $3.017 to $2.985 per gallon.

In addition to the West Coast jump, two other regions saw ULSD prices climb by at least 4 cents per gallon.

California prices for ULSD increased 5.4 cents from $3.143 to $3.197 per gallon.

In the Rocky Mountain region, ULSD increased 4 cents from $3.105 to $3.145 per gallon.

The Midwest region saw ULSD prices fall 3 cents to $3.045 per gallon.

The Gulf Coast region averaged $2.948 per gallon for ULSD following a 2.9-cent decrease from $2.977.

Average prices for ULSD in the New England region increased six-tenths of a cent from $3.117 to $3.123 per gallon, while the per-gallon average dropped four-tenths of a cent in the Central Atlantic region from $3.138 to $3.134.

The Lower Atlantic region averaged $2.985 per gallon after a decrease of 2.7 cents from $3.012.

The East Coast region saw ULSD prices average $3.045, down 1.7 cents from the previous week when it was $3.062 per gallon.