Poetry – and more – on the

| 10/5/2007

The runners-up in this year’s Trucking Poetry contest were the stars of this week’s Land Line Media Blog.

For the past two weeks, the Land Line staff has been featuring selected “honorable mention” poems from this year’s contest on the blog. This week, Managing Editor Sandi Soendker decided to showcase one of her favorites, which tells the story of that “sixth sense” truckers’ wives have abut their husbands out on the road.

The week started strong with Columnist Bill Hudgins, who gave his own quirky take on how the dreaded “bird flu’ could bring the entire chicken-based economy to a halt – especially for produce haulers.

Tuesday saw Senior Editor Jami Jones riffing on more of the problems that come with trucking in Mexico. Ever heard of shippers sending left and right tennis shoes in separate trucks to prevent hijackings? In Mexico, it’s a reality.

And on Wednesday, Online Editor Aaron Ladage showed us the latest in police-bribing technology. Maybe it’s a stereotype, but if cops really will drop everything for a donut, this is a product you need to see for yourself.

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– By Land Line staff