Rusty Wallace encourages truckers to buckle up

| 10/4/2007
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has unveiled a public service announcement featuring former NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace, currently an analyst for ESPN and ABC Sports, who reminds truckers that they have a responsibility to drive safely and buckle up.

The PSA – “Be Ready. Be Buckled.” – is aimed at increasing the number of truckers who regularly use a safety belt.

“This ad reminds truckers that, as professional drivers, they are responsible for handling their vehicles and themselves in the safest manner possible,” FMCSA Administrator John H. Hill said in a press release. “With just a little bit of his time, Mr. Wallace’s personal commitment to promoting public safety is helping save lives on America’s highways.”

The agency’s press release stated that while 81 percent of the general driving population wears a safety belt, only 59 percent of commercial vehicle drivers buckle up when they climb behind the wheel. In 2006, 45 percent of truckers killed in a crash were not wearing safety belts. FMCSA regulations require all commercial vehicle drivers to use proper restraints.

In the PSA, Wallace tells truck drivers that they are “the ones who drive … for a living,” and encourages them to wear a safety belt to keep them “in position, behind the wheel, in control, looking out for (themselves) and everybody else.”

To see the PSA, click here . For more information on the campaign and the coalition promoting seatbelt use, of which OOIDA is a member, click here.