Big load stranded in Baltimore

| 10/4/2007

A trucker hauling an overweight and oversize load was stranded in Baltimore for 17 hours on Wednesday, Oct. 3, along with the drivers of his two escort vehicles.

According to the Baltimore Sun, trucker Bob Johnson got a state police escort to the city, but arrived two hours later than planned.

By the time the 240,000-pound flatbed reached the Interstate 695 interchange on I-95, the Baltimore Police Department officers who were supposed to take over the escort had given up and gone elsewhere.

Then, Johnson was told that the city now requires its $1,500 escort fee up front, and won’t escort during daytime traffic.

So the flatbed – with its Caterpillar 994D wheel loader – sat, barely off the highway, until they were able to sort it all out.

One of the escort drivers told the Sun, “We’ve been on the road since September 17 … and now this.”