Truckers pitch in to save another driver

| 10/2/2007

Indiana police are crediting two truckers with saving the life of another man whose box truck had crashed and caught fire Monday afternoon on Interstate 69 northeast of Indianapolis.

According to the Noblesville Ledger, the box truck rear-ended a flatbed that had stopped in the emergency lane with a load-securement problem.

After impact, the box truck’s cab began filling with smoke.

That’s when two other truckers – Leo Chapham of Flat Rock, MI, and Darrel Allen of Indianapolis – went to work.

The two men jumped up on the truck’s hood and smashed out the windshield, then pulled the driver out.

According to the Ledger, he was listed in critical condition at the hospital, but police say, without the help of Chapham and Allen, he would have died in the cab.