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| 9/28/2007

Did you miss this year’s truck show at St. Ignace, but still want to see what it was like? Ever wondered why truckers seem to know about the big issues – such as privatization – before the mainstream does? Are you looking for a sneak peak at some of the entries in the Land Line poetry contest?

If so, this week’s edition of the Land Line Media Blog is the place for you.

On Monday, columnist Bill Hudgins gave us a little show-and-tell from this year’s Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show in St. Ignace, MI. The sight of truck headlights stretching across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is really something, and Hudgins has plenty of pictures to prove it.

Staff Writer David Tanner highlighted a recent article in Fortune magazine on Tuesday. The article talks about Australian mega-bank Macquarie, a company that regular Land Line readers have been familiar with for quite some time. As Dave puts it, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with the mainstream picking up on your stories – especially when you were reporting on the same topics more than a year earlier.

Did you know produce companies make house calls? Neither did anyone else, until Staff Writer Clarissa Kell-Holland spoke with a vice president at Dole Foods. Apparently, when customers heard about recent E. coli outbreaks in produce, they weren’t too happy – and they asked Dole officials to drive to their homes and physically remove potentially contaminated product from their refrigerators.

And let’s not forget one of Land Line’s most popular endeavors – the 2007 poetry contest. We’re not quite ready to reveal the big winners, but check out the blog to see a couple of runners-up’s poems. And keeping checking back – we’ll reveal more winners in the blog in the lead-up to the November magazine.

If you’re not reading the Land Line Media Blog, you should be – but it’s never too late to get started. To read these entries – and many more – for yourself, click here. You can also get there by clicking the “Blogs” button in the left-hand menu on the Land Line homepage.

– By Land Line staff