Trucker saves 82-year-old woman from river

| 9/21/2007

Truck driver Rick Tower was hauling a load of wood chips on Highway 96 near his hometown of Yreka, CA, earlier this week, when he saw a car fishtail out of control and go off the road into the nearby Klamath River.

According to The Associated Press, Tower acted quickly. Slamming on his brakes, Tower ran down to the river, swam out to the car and pulled its driver, 82-year-old Dorothy Knudsen, to safety.

Tower told The AP that he thought he was going to lose her at first, but managed to pull her free. He was helped to the shore by the driver of a pickup truck, who threw a rope out to him and towed him in.

Tower said it was a good thing the pickup driver came along, and that he was “huffin’ and puffin’ pretty good.”

The woman managed to escape the accident with a sprained ankle and a mild case of hypothermia. No word on what caused her car to swerve off the road.