Thieves hijack Canadian beer truck

| 9/20/2007

It may be a dry weekend for residents of Ontario, Canada, who favor Moosehead as their beer of choice.

The Toronto Star reports that a shipment of more than 100,000 cans and bottles of Moosehead Lager destined for distribution throughout Ontario, was stolen early Thursday morning, Sept. 20, from a distributor in Mississauga.

The thieves made off with two trailers containing 70,000 cans and 44,000 bottles, worth about $200,000. The trailers were hitched to two tractors taken from the same compound earlier in the day.

The thefts happened in spite of the presence of a security guard and the thieves took the only two trailers on the dock not equipped with GPS tracking systems.

A spokesman for the brewery told The Star that it could be early next week before the stolen beer is restocked.