Connecticut to build runaway ramp on Avon Mountain

| 9/20/2007

Connecticut’s Department of Transportation is moving forward with plans to build a runaway truck ramp on that state’s infamous Avon Mountain.

The Hartford Courant reports that the DOT hopes to have the ramp completed by Jan. 1, 2008. That’s the same day a temporary ban on through-truck traffic expires.

That ban, which includes all trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds, officially went into effect on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

These measures came about after a series of accidents involving trucks on the mountain, including a deadly crash in 2005 that left four people dead and a dozen more injured.

The most recent wreck happened earlier this month. No one was injured in that incident.

Earlier this week, the owner of the trucking company involved in the 2005 fatal wreck was in court. David Wilcox, owner of American Crushing and Recycling, appeared in Superior Court on Tuesday, Sept. 18, where a judge set a hearing date of Oct. 19 in the case against him.

Wilcox faces charges of manslaughter and insurance fraud for his role in the deadly crash that killed four people and injured more than a dozen.

Wilcox was arrested in 2006 and charged with four counts of first-degree manslaughter. Wilcox has also been charged with five counts of first-degree assault, interfering with an officer, tampering with evidence, fabricating evidence and conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

Police charge that Wilcox allegedly had defective brake parts on the truck, which he refused to replace, and that the truck was not insured at the time of the crash. Wilcox also faces fraud charges for allegedly trying to reinsure the truck after the crash.