Terrorists planned to target truckers

| 9/18/2007

A group of Islamic terrorists planned to kill truckers driving through Oregon, then steal their trucks and cargo to raise money for a training camp near the town of Bly, OR.

That’s the allegation in a federal indictment, according to The Associated Press.

Federal authorities say that, beginning in 1999, the group planned to stockpile weapons and ammunition at the camp.

According to the indictment, the plan was to train recruits to join the Taliban in fighting against the U.S. in Afghanistan.

Three of the organizers are now in custody, including James Ujaama of Seattle, who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges after cooperating in the investigation.

Oregon authorities told The AP the camp near Bly never really got off the ground, but that there were sometimes about a dozen people there taking target practice.

Bly is a town of 700 in south-central Oregon, located about 50 miles from Klamath Falls.