National diesel average up 4 cents

| 9/17/2007

The national average price for on-highway diesel jumped 4 cents to $2.964 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Sept. 17, 2007.

Ultra-low sulfur diesel increased an average of 3.9 cents from $2.932 to $2.971 for the week, while remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies increased 4.3 cents from $2.891 to $2.934 per gallon, the Energy Information Administration reported.

The largest increase by region for ULSD occurred in the Central Atlantic region where the average price jumped 6.2 cents per gallon from $2.989 to $3.051.

ULSD prices in three other regions cleared the $3 mark.

The New England region reported an increase of 5.7 cents per gallon from $2.968 to $3.025.

In California – where ULSD makes up 100-percent of the on-highway supply – the average price increased 2.8 cents from $2.995 to $3.023 per gallon.

The West Coast region showed an average increase of 2 cents from $2.986 to $3.006 for ULSD.

Each of the remaining five regions averaged above $2.90 per gallon for the ultra-low fuel, the EIA reported.

The cheapest average price for ULSD was $2.904 in the Gulf Coast region, which included a 3.8-cent increase from the previous week.

The Lower Atlantic region had an average ULSD price of $2.924, up 4.7 cents from $2.877.

The East Coast region averaged $2.973 per gallon, up 5.2 cents from $2.921.

ULSD in the Rocky Mountain region averaged $2.976, up 1.5 cents – the smallest increase for the week – from $2.961 per gallon.

Ultra-low fuel in the Midwest region averaged a 3.9-cent increase from $2.957 per gallon to $2.996.

Crude oil prices leveled off on Monday, averaging about $78 per barrel following a surge to near $80 per barrel last week, according to Reuters.

– By David Tanner, staff writer