Canacar wants cross-border program stopped

| 9/14/2007

The biggest trucking organization in Mexico wants its government to pull out of the cross-border trucking pilot program with the United States.

Media reports have indicated that the Camera Nacional del Autotransporte de Carga – or Canacar as it is often called – fears American truckers will violate “cabotage” rules while in Mexico. Cabotage laws forbid hauling point-to-point within a country instead of just dropping off a load and picking up another one for the return trip.

The Associated Press reported Friday, Sept. 14, that Canacar President Tirso Martinez said the Mexican department of transportation does not have adequate personnel to enforce a provision “prohibiting U.S. truckers from carrying domestic Mexican cargo.”

The group – which represents both carriers and drivers – also says the Mexican transportation department hasn’t eliminated big traffic bottlenecks that prevent Mexican truckers from getting across the border quickly.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Republic newspaper reported that the first American truck to cross into Mexico under the program was expected to cross the border at Nogales Friday, Sept. 14, with a load of plastic resin bound for a plant in Sonora. Stagecoach Cartage and Distribution from El Paso, TX, was given approval to operate in Mexico last week.

Two Mexican trucks entered the U.S. last Friday, Sept. 7, after the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced the opening of the cross-border trucking pilot program.

– By Reed Black, staff reporter