Mainstream headlines vary on truck crash

| 9/10/2007

Avon Mountain, CT, is back in the news – in a few very different ways.

On Friday, a tractor-trailer that may have had brake problems careened down the mountain and crashed into a furniture shop.

Two years ago, four people were killed and 19 injured when a runaway dump truck crashed into a line of stopped cars and buses at the base of the same steep hill.

During the latest incident, the only person hurt was the truck driver – 44-year-old Robert Rausch – who, according to the police chief, did “one heck of a job” steering clear of other vehicles.

The Star-Ledger newspaper ran the headline, “Trucker credited with averting tragedy.”

But, the Hartford Courant’s headline read, “Driver has spotty record,” and cited a string of violations and suspensions dating back 20 years.