DOT allocates $128.4 million for emergency road repairs

| 9/7/2007

The U.S. DOT has marked $128.4 million in relief funds for roads damaged by disasters such as storms, floods, earthquakes and fires.

Transportation Secretary Mary Peters announced Thursday, Sept. 6, that seven states and additional federal roadways will receive the funding.

President Bush signed an appropriations law in September 2005 that established $871 million for emergency relief. The current earmark of $128.4 million announced by Peters brings the total amount used so far to $803 million. About $68 million remains in the fund.The most recent earmark will be used to reimburse states as follows:

  • $24.2 million to California for the April 29, 2007, collapse of an interchange at Interstate 580 caused by a truck fire;
  • $20 million to Mississippi for roads damaged by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005;
  • $9.61 million to Massachusetts for damage from flooding in October 2005 and May 2006;
  • $4.2 million to New Mexico for damage from storms in July 2006;
  • $4.12 million to Iowa for damage from flooding in May and June 2007;
  • $3.89 million to Washington for damage from the Feb. 28, 2001, Nisqually earthquake;
  • $2.94 million to Illinois for damage caused to I-74 by a truck fire; and
  • $59.6 million for damage from various events in multiple jurisdictions.