More inspections mean longer lines at borders

| 9/4/2007

Increased inspections at both Canadian and Mexican points of entry to the U.S. have also increased wait times for those wanting to cross the border.

At the Blue Water Bridge, which connects Port Huron, MI, to Point Edward, Ontario, the wait times were so long that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation set up portable toilets along the road, according to The Associated Press.

Those who live and work near the borders say the delays are the result of new rules that require U.S. citizens to have a driver’s license, passport or other photo ID. They say there isn’t enough staff there to carry out the inspections and vehicle checks.

According to The AP, inspection times at the Peace Bridge between Buffalo, NY, and Fort Erie, Ontario, have gone up from 54 seconds last year to 75 seconds this year – and with hundreds of vehicles passing through each day, those times can add up.

At the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, average crossing times have risen from 15 minutes to 23 minutes, The AP reported.