Connecticut looks for ways to alleviate truck parking problem

| 9/4/2007

Authorities in Connecticut say it’s clear the state has a problem when it comes to truck parking. What isn’t clear is just what will be done about it.

According to a study recently released by the state’s Department of Transportation, on any given night in Connecticut, more than 1,300 truck drivers may not have a place to park.

Additionally, the study predicts a shortage of 1,750 spaces in the state by 2025 if nothing is done to improve the situation.

The state is looking into improvements, such as adding several rest areas, including a few that would be for trucks only.

According to a 2002 study from the Federal Highway Administration, Connecticut ranks 23rd out of 48 states in public parking locations and 46th in commercial locations.

The state ranks 45th in truck parking overall.