Land Line Media Blog: the story behind the story

| 8/31/2007

You’ve read the headlines on Land Line’s Web site and listened to the news on “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite. But did you know you’re still not getting the full story?

The Land Line Media Blog has the story behind the story you can’t get anywhere else – and this week was no exception.

On Monday, Columnist Bill Hudgins took a break from his usually humorous writing style to focus on a more serious issue. He describes an accident scene he passed in his hometown of Nashville, and how a passing four-wheeler reminded him of how important it is for all motorists – both in trucks and cars – to help each other out.

State Legislative Editor Keith Goble described the process he goes through every year to help educate OOIDA members about the importance of voting and interacting with their elected officials. He gives several examples of how truckers who have taken a stand have caused a change for the better.

Also on Wednesday, Online Editor Aaron Ladage recounts some of the pranks he – er, his friends – participated in when he was younger, and how they pale in comparison to some of the dangerous and sometimes deadly activities of adolescents today.

Thursday, Staff Writer Charlie Morasch described his high-CARB diet. No, Charlie is not bulking up – he’s covering the most powerful state agency in the world. That’s right, in the world. It’s the California Air Resources Board and its current and proposed idling and emissions regs are being used by other states as blueprints for improving air quality.

If you truck in California, you will want to keep Charlie’s coverage on your regular reading list. If you don’t truck in California, his coverage will give you a crystal ball view of things to come in other parts of the country.

When it comes to predicting the future, Staff Writer David Tanner is not willing to take the undocumented word of big motor carriers when it comes to what impact speed limiters would have.

Friday, David issued a challenge to the large motor carriers in Canada that are promoting government-mandated speed limiters by saying that they will eliminate 140 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year in Ontario. David covers the fuel beat for Land Line and he raises some interesting questions about the impact that the new ultra-low sulfur diesel may have on the big carriers’ stats.

If you’re not reading the Land Line Media Blog, you’re missing out – but it’s never too late to start. To read these entries – and many more – for yourself, click here. You can also get there by clicking the “Blogs” button in the left-hand menu on the Land Line homepage.

– By Land Line staff