Someone cashes dead trucker’s checks; another trucker stabbed

| 8/31/2007

New Jersey seems to be a dangerous place for truck drivers these days.

Just one week after a Latino trucker was stabbed to death in the back of his cab, authorities say someone has been cashing his paychecks.

Rafael Angel Aguero Espinoza was found dead in his truck Friday, Aug. 24, he had been bound hand and foot with duct tape and stabbed several times.

Now, The Jersey Journal reports that someone has cashed two of Espinoza’s paychecks, but police say they haven’t figured out who just yet.

Police say the checks were cashed in Hudson County, but declined to release any further details.

Meanwhile, another Latino trucker was stabbed at a Jersey City recycling plant on Thursday, Aug. 30. The Journal reports that Jose Rivera of Newark, survived the attack, but says he didn’t get a good look at who did it.

Rivera says he was stabbed from behind and didn’t see whether it was more than one person who attacked him, or which way they fled.