Another big week on the Land Line Media Blog

| 8/24/2007

What does satellite radio have to do with organic grocery stores? Are fuel retailers painting their above-ground tanks to keep “hot fuel” even hotter? Is former Illinois Gov. George Ryan a member of the dubious Corrupt Bastards Club?

These questions and more were answered this week on the Land Line Media Blog.

On Monday, Managing Editor Sandi Soendker explored the similarities between the proposed XM/Sirius merger and the merger of organic grocers Whole Foods and its competitor, Wild Oats. Much like satellite radio, Soendker’s opinion is that the two retailers compete with a much broader market and are therefore not entering into a monopoly.

Staff Writer David Tanner took another stab at the hot fuel debate on Tuesday, showing off photos he received from a member of matte-black, above-ground fuel tanks at a Love’s Travel Stop in Arizona. That’s right – black tanks in the middle of the desert. Now that’s some seriously hot fuel.

Tuesday also featured another hilarious post from Land Line Magazine columnist Bill Hudgins. This time, Hudge pokes a little fun at motor carriers, and gives a few ideas for how they could help solve the idling situation from the office.

On Wednesday, Senior Editor Jami Jones gave her take on President Bush’s visit with the leaders of Mexico and Canada. Oddly enough, a number of the cross-border issues that seemed important at the meeting haven’t raised an eyebrow at FMCSA, which is still apparently barreling forward with its proposed cross-border program.

And on Thursday, Soendker trolled the Web looking for info on breaking news on Gov. Ryan and came upon one of the funniest, although totally fictionalized, news reports you’ll read all week – reported by a site that’s convinced the former Illinois governor deserves membership in the aforementioned society.

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