Arizona Senate wants cross-border program suspended

| 8/24/2007

Members of the Arizona Senate have a laundry list of reasons why they want the proposed cross-border program with Mexico suspended and this summer they passed a measure outlining them.

Senate Memorial 1007 unanimously passed the Arizona Senate on June 19. The legislation requests U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters to suspend the cross-border program.

Topping the concerns of the Arizona senators is that Mexico-based trucks entering the U.S. today are not held to the same strict federal standards in terms of safety and air quality as their U.S. counterparts.

The measure states: “… those substandard trucks and low paid, possibly ineligible drivers represent a danger to users of United States highways and our environment and threatened American jobs and our national security.”

The Arizona Secretary of State forwarded the legislation to Secretary Peters in mid-June.