500 leaks still need to be repaired in Big Dig tunnels

| 8/23/2007

The phrase “keep your head up” has never been more appropriate than for those who drive through Boston’s Big Dig tunnels on a regular basis.

According to The Associated Press, the ill-fated tunnel project still has 500 leaks that are in need of repairs. State officials say that doesn’t include leaks that are already being handled by the projects’ contractors.

On Tuesday, an additional $2.3 million was added to an existing $5 million contract for repair crews.

New evidence also suggests that water is continuing to leak steadily into the Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill tunnel.

However, project manager Michael Lewis told The AP on Tuesday, Aug. 21, that motorists will most likely not notice the leaks, because they drain into holding areas below the surface.

Repairs on the leaks are expected to continue through the spring, The AP reported.