Corzine ties toll plan to school funding

| 8/23/2007

In a possible move to gain support for his yet-to-be-unveiled toll plan, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine hinted this week that money gained from the tolls might be used to fund the construction of new schools in that state.

According to The Associated Press, Corzine – who was speaking at the opening of a school in Camden – said he was considering forming a nonprofit agency that would manage the state’s toll roads and issue bonds that could be used to pay debts and fund other needs.

Corzine said school construction was one of those needs, but he also added that his toll plan had not yet been finalized. He said he expects to unveil the full plan by the end of the year.

Others, including state Republicans, have pressured Corzine to release the plan sooner, preferably before the November elections, where 120 state legislative seats are up for grabs.